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Testing & Assessment

VO2 max testingAre you prepared for battle?  Designing effective training programs and monitoring progress towards goals is an important part of athletic performance and health.  We offer a variety of testing services including body composition, maximal exercise capacity testing or Vo2max testing, packages for the endurance athlete that includes submaximal economy, lactate threshold, and Vo2max + body composition and nutritional analysis, and performance testing for speed and power athletes similar to the NFL combine.


Testing services include:

  • VO2 Max Testing

- Results from a VO2max test are an indicator of cardiovascularfitness and they are often used as a measure of aerobic endurance.

- In addition to testing your body's aerobic capacity, we can use the results of this test to determine your running economy, estimate your lactate threshold, and help you determine what intensity you need to be training at to reach your training goals.

- We can also use these results to design a precise conditioning plan for athletes that are not endurance athletes.

- VO2 Max Test

  • Body Composition Analysis

- Body composition is a better predictor of health than body weight alone. Having a breakdown of your lean body mass, body fat, and distribution of fat will give you specific values that can be used to help you set realistic health goals that can be monitored over time.

- Pair a Body Composition Analysis with a Nutrition Consult to set specific weight loss or weight gain goals that can be monitored over time.

- Body Composition Analysis

- Body Composition and Nutrition Consultation

    • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

    - A test that calculates the amount of calories your body requires to perform the basic functions of living.

    - Use your Resting Metabolic Rate to determine a precise range of calories to target in your diet for weight gain or weight loss.

    - Pair an RMR witha Nutrition Consultation to construct an ideal diet and exercise plan.

    - Resting Metabolic Rate

    - RMR and Nutrition Consultation

  • Combine Testing

- Intended for teams or large groups, a test battery is designed based on sport demands. our team will test on site and has the capabilities to measure speed (electrically timed), agility, lower body power and strength, reactive strength, upper body power, muscular endurance, body fat percentage, movement analysis, and other relevant sport specific tests.

- We can also create visually stimulating reports and graphics for coaches or administrators.

- Pricing varies, call for details.


Endurance sports like distance running, cycling and mountain biking require an efficient cardiorespiratory system and adequate fuel to supply continuous energy during prolonged activity.

With almost 20 years experience testing athletes of all abilities in a wide variety of disciplines, we offer endurance athletes an opportunity to experience state-of-the-science testing to help maximize their training efforts.

  • Incremental exercise test
    • Submaximal economy (efficiency)
    • Lactate threshold
    • Power output and velocity at lactate threshold
    • Heart rate profile
    • VO2 max
  • Body composition assessment
  • Nutritional analysis

This information is then explained and discussed with the athlete.  Additionally consultation with one of our sports physiologists and/or RDs can be arranged depending upon individual needs.