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Michigan State University
Spartan Performance


Our goal is to promote athletic health across the state of Michigan and beyond. An avenue for accomplishing that goal is through community outreach. We work locally to bring sports and physical activity, nutrition, mental skills, and education to the community.

Our team works with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Education Program (SNAP-Ed) through the Michigan State University Extension program to promote healthy eating habits. This free education program also aims to reduce hunger in low-income areas around Michigan.

We provide continuing coach and parent education on topics pertaining to youth athletic health. These workshops focus on a wide range of topics including female ACL tear prevention, implementing dynamic warm-up in practices, mental skill development, the importance of proper nutrition, jump and land mechanics, and more.

We will also bring the science and medicine of sports, physical activity, and nutrition to the community. Spartan Performance works locally in the mid-Michigan area, across the state of Michigan, nationally, and internationally.  Watch for our community seminars through the Spartan Health Talks. We are currently partnered with multiple schools and clubs in the Mid-Michigan Area.

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