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Endurance Athlete

Endurance performance is commonly viewed as the individual runner, cyclist, or swimmer competing in an event that covers a long distance and is continuous and aerobic (i.e., 10km race).  Although much of the attention at Spartan Performance is on the “power athlete”, we can accommodate certain testing and training programs for the endurance athlete.  In fact, we have extensive academic and practical experience testing and training the endurance athlete including cyclists, mountain bikers, and distance runners.


With almost 20 years experience testing athletes of all abilities in a wide variety of sports, we offer endurance athletes an opportunity to experience state-of-the-art testing to help maximize their training efforts.

Our ENDURANCE ATHLETE PROFILE provides a comprehensive assessment that includes:

  • Incremental exercise test
    • Submaximal economy (efficiency)
    • Lactate threshold
    • Power output and velocity at lactate threshold
    • Heart rate profile
    • VO2 max
  • Body composition assessment
  • Nutritional analysis


Playmakers Good Form Running and Spartan Performance for the Distance Runner

Run faster and more energized this spring by supplementing your winter training with a weekly clinic that includes: Good Form Running, Leg strength & power, Plyometrics and core stability training.  In addition, runners will be taught recovery techniques, nutrition and mental skills by experts from Playmakers and the Spartan Nutrition and Performance Program.


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