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Spartan Performance

Spartan Performance Sports Nutrition

Plain and simple - athletic performance and recovery are enhanced by optimal nutrition. Too often, hard work and training are not optimized because of poor nutrition! Our staff will emphasize several nutrition concepts during every training session. These include: nutrition basics - the 101s, timing of intake - when to eat before and after training and games, healthy snacks, recovery nutrition, hydration, supplements, and more. Sports Nutrition 101 handout


Individual consults

  • Individual consults provide one-on-one feedback about your dietary trends, as well as, nutrition education for leading a healthy lifestyle. Whether it be gaining lean muscle mass, losing weight, or eating for optimizing training and performance, our Registered Dietician will evaluate and guide you on how to eat properly to meet your body composition and performance goals. We can also help you with:
  • Travel nutrition guidelines
  • Game day meal plans
  • Nutrient analysis
  • Navigating "fad" diets
  • improve nutrient imbalances
  • Eating around intolerances
  • Team nutrition presentations are also available.
  • Please call for details.

Sports Mental Skills Consultation

- Our holistic approach to sports performance includes preparing the athlete's mind as well as their body.

- Research shows that building an array of psychological skills such as relaxation under pressure, visualization, goal setting, and positive self-talk can help athletes prepare for competition and also manage the stresses of competition and life more effectively.

- Call to schedule an individual consultation with our sports mental skills practitioner Dr. Colon. The goal of these consultations is to teach the athlete to develop these psychological skills for practical use in sport and in life.